How to Dress Up as a Guest in Wedding Functions

If you have been invited to a wedding function, you should dress appropriately to show respect for the people who have invited you, and for you to fully enjoy yourself. Some of the tips when it comes to dressing up as a guest in wedding functions are:

Check if there is a dress code

Most invites will have a line or two about the dress code if they expect you to dress a certain way. Make it a habit of reading through the entire invitation card so that you do not miss the important details about what is expected of you. For instance, some couples would want you to have a certain colour scheme, and others would dictate that you choose your own style.

Nothing Casual

If the invite does not have a theme, the general rule is that you stay out of the casual wear, You do not want to show up in jeans and a t-shirt at a wedding. It shows that you did not put a lot of thought into your dressing, and might even give the impression that you are disrespectful.

Ladies, stay off white

To avoid looking like you are competing with the bride, who in most cases is expected to be in a traditionally white gown, you should stay off from the pure white attire. For men, unless you are in the groom’s team, you should not be wearing over the top tuxedo that makes it look like you are competing with the groom.

Comfort is key

No matter what you choose to wear, you should be comfortable. Stay off the extremely high heels that make it difficult for you to dance or enjoy the day. Your attire should not be too tight that you start panicking that the seams will burst open anytime you move.