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Love is in the air

A wedding ceremony strengthens the ties between two people who desire to go through life together. An official, either chosen by the wedding couple or assigned by a government or religious body, facilitates the occasion. Through their wedding vows they express their love for each other, their shared values, and their hopes as married partners. Supportive family members and close friends are often present to witness their union.

The Wedding Preparations

Planning a wedding can be a learning experience for anyone who is keen on organising and managing social events. It requires research, budgeting, and coordination skills.

An engaged couple may hire a wedding coordinator to deal with a gamut of details. These include the wedding date, the venue, prenuptial shoots, the wedding dress, accessories, bouquets, the entourage and guest list, layout and sending of invites, reception programme, catering, and wedding souvenirs, among others. Such planning may not be an issue for people who prefer a simple wedding ceremony, but it can be challenging for those who want a grand or festive wedding celebration.

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